Our culture

aanmelder.nl is committed to a healthy and inspiring working environment with a focus on continuous learning. We work with the Holacracy management method instead of the traditional management system. The employees get the freedom to work cross functionally and constantly develop their set of skills while delivering a high level performance.

We like to innovate, celebrate success, enjoy Friday drinks, going out on a quarterly basis for fun activities and have enough time off to relax. A healthy work life balance is part of our employee happiness philosophy and we encourage our employees to spend time with their loved ones, actively exercise, eat healthy, make time for their hobbies and come back with amazing and creative ideas.

Diversity and inclusion

We value diversity and we have 6 different nationalities working in our Company. With a median employee age of 35 years and different higher educational background, our employees inspire and challenge each other to become better every day. 

We pride ourselves with a healthy balance in the gender distribution that helps us boost the creativity and innovation in our team. This is how we explore different perspectives and better connect with our customers.

aanmelder.nl strives to create an open and collaborative environment where commitment, trust and transparency are the pillars of an efficient teamwork regardless of race, nationality, age, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Core Values

At aanmelder.nl we are committed to help organisations and individuals share their knowledge and experience via live and online events. Our software enables professional organizations to create inspiring and educational conferences, workshops, meetings and courses.

We have six core values that we operate with. 

Be friendly: humans first!

We work for and with people. We value that more than anything else. Our customers and relations appreciate the way we interact with them.

Create value

We work to create value. For the customer, for the company or for a colleague. We only do something if we feel it contributes to something better. We don’t do work that doens’t have to be done. We only do work that contributes.

Energy & perseverance

Energized and with a good dosage of stamina we work on all of our projects.

Everything is not not our problem

If a customer, colleague or a different party have a problem, we feel it too. Even though we did not cause the problem. We will always collaborate to reach a solution.

Do a good job, do it better tomorrow

We always strive for the best possible result. We actively try to improve our work daily. Positive feedback, negative feedback. Any feedback will do, really.

Do new things in new ways. Be leading

Using new techniques and modes of work distinguish us from the rest. We are autonomous thinkers and we think out of the box. Every team member is responsible for innovation.

Employee Spotlight


Product Development
Lead software developer

My job satisfaction is mainly due to the rest of the team. I always feel appreciated and respected. Although we are busy, there is also time for fun things. There is a real opportunity for self-direction and taking responsibility, while knowing you have a safety net of colleagues to fall back on.


Customer Success
Support specialist

What I enjoy about my job is the freedom and the trust I receive from everyone. I get the opportunity to think creatively about how my function is fulfilled and the responsibilities I take on. Your work is as diverse and flexible as you make it. And when there is something I don’t know, there is always someone to help me on my way again.


People manager

Even without a background in software, I notice that it motivates me to work in sprints, aimed at short-term goals. A working atmosphere in which we look for daily improvements and innovation together. The team drive, in combination with some drinks at the end of the week makes me feel really at home here.


Customer Success &
Event Consultancy

I get the space to explore my interests, even if they extend beyond my current role(s). Everything is up for discussion. We don't see problems, only challenges. Even though I wouldn't describe myself as incredibly creative, I become creative here nonetheless. Due to the opportunities provided by the environment and the team.

Perks & Benefits

Competitive salary

There is no harm in getting paid while having fun at work.

Continuous development

For those who like learning new things. 

Healthy work life balance

Work is important. But so are you and your loved ones.

Transport allowance

Riding the bike or using public transportation? No worries, we got that covered.

Growth opportunities

For the ambitious ones.

Ergonomic work station

Make sure your health is a priority!


Enjoy fun activities & teambuildings.


To recharge your batteries and travel the world.


Get to feel different cultures by working in an international environment.


No one knows it all. But for sure we want to increase our knowledge.


Enjoy free lunches with a vast variety of healthy products.


For good coffee or tea lovers. Don´t forget about our Friday drinks!

Join our team

aanmelder.nl is continuously growing and we are always looking for new talent to join our team. In the coming year we expect to expand our team in the areas of sales, design, front-end, marketing, support and finance.

Interested to grow and make impact? Take a look at our vacancies and apply today!

Your dream role is not here yet? Then send us an open application and we will match you with our future opportunities.

In the heart of Delft! 

close by pubs and Central Station